Further needs

  • Wood By the end of January 2019, we need to buy another 15 pallets of firewood (€100 each). The extremely cold winters require a large use of energy to heat the farm buildings where the Stroi family and the children live.
  • New bedroom The children are growing and six in two bedrooms is too many, as indicated by Romanian Child Protection. We therefore need to create a new bedroom (a third) on the farm. The estimated cost is for the job is €200.
  • Bunk beds and desks We need to buy 3 bunk beds in order to make the best use of the space in the bedrooms, leaving room for desks. The estimated cost is about €300.
  • School supplies School provides what it can, but the children also need school supplies to use at home. They need maps, dictionaries, thesauruses, educational games and other school supplies. The estimated annual expense is about €100.
  • ‘Happy hour’ for children The children’s ‘happy hour’ is very important for the growth of the six children and it is a time of meeting and playing with their friends from town. During this time, not only do we speak about the Bible, but we offer a piece of pizza, a drink and dessert. We would like to be able to have the ‘happy hour’ at least once a month. The monthly expense is about €80.
  • Farm maintenance The farm, like all things made, needs maintenance, care and improvements. These are the projects we have in mind that we are trying to accomplish.
    • building a wall of reinforcement on an embankment
    • put insulation on the house to save energy
    • install solar panels for hot water
    • renovate an area for guests to stay in
    • dig a water well in order to be self-sufficient

If it is on your heart to donate to one of more of these projects, please indicate for which one of the items above written in bold.