A very special birthday!

On the way to the farm

It was only one year ago, 21 December 2017, when news from Romania had us extremely worried. To protect their safety, Luiza and Lorena had been assigned urgently to the Strois, and had already been on the farm for a few hours. But the fate of the other siblings was still uncertain. The institutions, the bureaucratic processes, our lack of experience and the race against time to rescue them from their misery were all things that put our faith to the test.
But God is good and finally that long-awaited message arrived. Receiving that photo of five of the six siblings (Luigi would arrive in March), packed into the car on their way to our farm, brought us to our knees thanking God for his mercy and for making us part of this immense joy.

Just after arriving at the farm

Seeing them all sitting on that sofa a few hours later, with their modest clothes and messy hair and visibly hungry, made that day one of the most beautiful since we founded our association.

Today, after a year, it is abundantly clear how much their lives have changed.
This has been possible thanks to all those who have prayed, visited, encouraged and donated for these kids.

The siblings one year later

Above all thanks to the Strois for their immense work, God will reward you! We ask God to let us spend many more years with them, and that he would continue to do amazing works.
God bless you Luigi, Luiza, Lorena, Denis, Ionela and Patricia!

The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.

Psalm 126:3