Brief news from Romania and the 6 children entrusted to us

A little update from Romania on the siblings’ situation: our six guests at the Chedes Agape farm. 

neve fattoria
The farm covered in snow

Unfortunately winter decided to turn harsh again, just when we were all hoping for the arrival of spring. After a relatively mild start to February, temperatures dropped dramatically, to about -12°C at night and only a few degrees more in the day. We had to buy more wood, but at least the kids at the farm are warm, and enjoying the care and protection of the Stroi family. Despite this, almost everyone in turn (including the Stroi family) got the flu, with fevers of 40°C. It wasn’t necessary to get any of the kids admitted, thanks to the speedy work of Mihaela in taking care of everyone (including herself), as a good mother would for her family. As for the kids’ progress relationally, there have been more than a few difficulties in improving their behaviour, particularly with the oldest (most of all Luigi, then Luiza and Lorena). We ask God for wisdom in finding the best way to deal with their behaviour, especially given their previous state of total abandonment. Meanwhile, the first legal process in the kids’ case has taken place. Luiza has been heard by the judge (because she’s over 10 years old), but we don’t know either how it went or when the final decision will come. Unfortunately, the kids’ parents aren’t being at all cooperative with the courts, nor with those who are being good to their children… We pray that the judge will make the right decision. In a few days, Giacomo (who by now doesn’t miss a trip if he can help it), Federica, Renée (for the first time) and I will go to Romania for a new trip of aid and encouragement. Of course we’re a bit nervous about the harsh weather and the resulting difficulties with transport that we could come up against, but we’re happy to be able to spend time with the Stroi family and especially with the kids. We hope that the weather and road conditions will let us continue the monthly distribution of food packs in Pădureni. We ask for your support in prayer so that, God willing, we can get all the activities done that we have planned. We’re hoping to send you updates from our trip as soon as possible! And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding. Daniel 2:21 Blessings. Orazio [Translation by Renée Schalks]

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