Chedes Agape, located in the Romanian town of Rebricea in the district of Vaslui, is a non-government organization that owns the farm where we do our work. For more than 20 years, it has been involved in creating a small economy in the very poor area in which it lies. Currently, the Stroi family is overseeing the activities on the farm, working directly with Bethesda and its sponsors. Together with them and your help, the mission’s goal is to develop various projects, above all, spreading the gospel through the distribution of food and providing primary care to women, children and the elderly that live in the surrounding area.

The farm is made up of different parts. There are rooms where it is possible to host visitors that want to see firsthand the conditions in which the people in the area live. There is a large meeting room that was supposed to be a place where children could eat what would probably be their only meal of the day. Unfortunately, this activity has ceased due to a lack of funds. Inside the building there is an area where children can listen to the Word of God, sing, play, draw and spend their free time together.

On the farmland, which is almost 4 acres large, vegetables and grains are grown. There is also an area of the farm with small farmyard animals that supply the Stroi family with their needs. The Stroi’s are the ones who are in charge of the management and maintenance of it all. The farm also has a space that is not being used at the moment, but that, in the future, could be for many other social and humanitarian causes.

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