Our Six siblings

Six siblings were living in a desperate situation in a village in the Romanian countryside, abused by their parents, without education, forced to work, deprived of food and the most basic care. A few months ago, God placed them in our path and after a thousand ups and downs, we managed to bring them to live at the farm that we run together with the Stroi family in Rebricea, and to obtain custody of them from the local authorities. The Strois welcomed them like their own children, giving them a warm bed, regular meals, clean clothes, an education at school and lots of affection. Above all, they care for their spiritual lives, helping them on their walk with God, praying together and discovering the joy of the gospel. There are now some beautiful smiles on their faces! The cost of supporting these kids is high, and for this we also need your help: every single cent or penny donated will be spent on their needs, and promptly reported. Find out how you can contribute!

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